Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Started on September 1, 2019 18 Months

Azure University MBA Program
1) Benefit from a career-focused curriculum that will equip you with the
expertise and confidence you need to move ahead in today’s competitively
dynamic global workforce, especially Haiti.
2) This program is open to all driven professionals with a Bachelor degree
from a licensed institution. Doers with the wit and energy to propel
positively forward in this fast moving business environment.
3) Why earn your MBA at Azure?
a. Courses Taught by World Class Faculty from USA
b. Dual Diploma USA/Haiti
c. Internship/Co-Ops in USA (for those who qualify)
d. Final Project in China & Hong Kong for all students
e. Complete the MBA in 18 months
f. Hands-on Projects
g. Harvard Business School Case Study Evaluations and Open




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