Started on September 1, 2019 15 Months

About our English Program:

Azure University offers a Unique Intensive ESOL Program that caters to the needs of our

Our program is designed for Creole and French speakers of other languages who wish to
develop their English skills in order to enhance their professional, personal, and academic

We do this by teaching our students vocabulary and phrases specific to their career choice at
the University while providing training in all the four language areas: listening, speaking,
reading, and writing.

The Azure English curriculum combines academic and workforce readiness skills which
actively engage and prepare students for postsecondary education and job training, and
ultimately, to succeed in their careers.

Additionally, our program uses the same system as Miami Dade College, Broward
College, FIU etc.  to help Haitian immigrants speak and write English proficiently.

What is the duration of the English program?

Our program in 15 months.

What is the course Calendar?

1. Burlington Basics – 3 Months
2. English in America Beginners – 3 Months
3. English in America Intermediate – 3 Months
4. English in America Advanced – 3 Months
5. Advanced English – 3 Months

Where is the University located?

We have a prime location in the very popular Delmas 33 area in Port-au-Prince Haiti.
The name of the plaza is Parc Midore where you will not only attend a top University but also
have access to lots of shops and other services provided in its surrounding areas.

If you have any other questions, please contact our administration office.

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